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Cowgirl's Prayer

Cowgirl's Prayer
1993 - Elektra
Produced by Allen Reynolds and Richard Bennett



A Ways To Go
The Light
High Powered Love
You Don't Know Me
Prayer In Open D
Crescent City
Lovin' You Again
Jerusalem Tomorrow
Thanks To You
I Hear A Call
Ballad Of A Runaway Horse

Emmylou Harris has aged more gracefully than any other country artist (with the exception of Willie Nelson). 1993's Cowgirl's Prayer showcases this maturity in a collection of songs that share wisdom, offer forgiveness, make amends, and explore spirituality. As always, Harris's voice is angelic and sad, her phrasing languid and lonesome. Lucinda Williams's "Crescent City" glows with tragic barroom neon while the classic "You Don't Know Me" takes on a deeper meaning, as if sung perhaps to an old friend or a lost relative? And while spoken-word delivery often falls flat, "Jerusalem Tomorrow" tells such a compelling story--and Harris's delivery is so knowing--that it haunts you long after it's over. -- Alexandra Russell